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Other Changes

Other Changes

Changing Beneficiary, Name, Address, Employment Status, Or Birth Date (Correction)

  1. Plan Administrator completes Section 1 of the Change Form by indicating the Plan Member's , name, effective date of change etc.
  2. Plan Member completes section 12 and signs the Change Form
  3. Correction to date of birth is accepted only with accompanied proof of age documentation
  4. For Beneficiary Changes, the Plan Member must sign and date the form to validate the change – keep this original form in the Plan Member’s personnel file.  In the event of a claim, the original form is required by the insurance carrier.
  5. Mail to:
    • Morneau Shepell
      895 Don Mills Road, CPAG
      Toronto ON M3C 1W3
      Fax to 1.877.464.0109;  or
      Scan and email to

Note: It is important to keep a Plan Member’s beneficiary designation up-to-date as the insurance carrier will pay life benefit proceeds to the last named beneficiary only (as indicated on the employee’s original signed Enrolment or Notice of Change Form.